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Pressure cleaning a patio isn’t as easy as a lot of homeowners assume. Residential garden hoses can’t effectively wash away silt, dirt and mud that falls into the cracks and pores of typical patio materials. Cleaning a patio with a pressure washer can also cause chipped patio paint, a damaged lawn and muddy water splashed onto your home’s exterior! Patio cleaning is best suited for a professional home exterior cleaning company in Fayetteville.

Our patio cleaning service begins with the application of a powerful but gentle detergent that dissolves ground-in dirt and debris. Your patio, can then be gently rinsed, with low water pressure and without damage to your lawn or landscaping or creating a mess.


For wood patio cleaning in Fayetteville, we use the same professional equipment to power wash patios as we use home exterior, we use a different process. “Softwashing” is a lot like standard power washing except the water pressure is considerably lower. This is vital to preserve the paint, stains and finishes. Soft washing a patio also keep the wood from splintering which will cause structural problems. We have knowledge and years of experience to utilize the exact pressure needed for the patio. If the patio has noticeable damage then we will use the absolute lowest water pressure needed to get the job done right.


Brick patios are typically much harder to pressure clean than wood or concrete. Brick patio tiles all have raised, textured areas along their surface. These areas make successful brick patio cleaning challenging, even if using a pressure washer.

Our Fayetteville brick patio cleaning procedure begins with specialty solvents that easily reach hidden areas of dirt and grime, dissolving even the thickest mud and ground-in debris. These detergents will remove moss, mold and algae that might be growing in between cracks and crevices! We then use our special brushes for deep cleaning brick patios, to wash off all the thick and unsightly dirt and grime.


Pressure washing a concrete patio does much more than make the space look cleaner. Organic dirt, dust, silt and other debris that gets caught in the cracks and crevices of concrete might eventually get blown into the lawn and ruin its appearance too. Cleaning a concrete patio can also remove moss and mildew, mold and algae. When this type of debris gets damp or wet, it becomes very slick and slippery, creating a hazard for anyone walking around the concrete patio!

Do not rely on a garden hose or DIY online videos that try to show homeowners how to clean a patio, but instead leave this work to the professionals. Fayetteville Pressure Washing has years of hands-on experience in patio cleaning in Fayetteville and the surrounding communities, and our soft wash techniques and brushes will ensure all areas of your home’s patio are immaculately clean and ready for you to enjoy!

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